Recently I have been taking a course about Javascript. on a website called: Codecademy, Codecademy is a programming website for learners, the first thing I learned was about how to create a message which if you wanted to say something you would type this: console.log ('Introduction to Javascript'); so that would put a message saying: "introduction to Javascript". If you have any questions about Codecademy then ask it in comments 

The Instructables contest

Today I'm going to talk about a contest that ends in 19 days. What you have to do in the contest is make something like a Arduino robot or automatic feeder robot etc. The website that is hosting this contest is The grand prize is a Iphone x (btw iphone x is the latest version which is worth about a thousand dollars) and a arduino robot, a arduino uno board, KTA-223 USB/RS485 Relay IO board, a touchscreen screen, a bare conductive touch board. The second prize is a drone and a inventors arduino kit and a arduino due. Plus you get a instructables shirt. If you have any ideas for me then can you comment on this post about your idea.

My first post

So in this blog, I am going to talk about coding and stuff like that. If you haven't seen My other blog here is a link to it: And in that blog, I am talking about My interests in other stuff. So I hope you will enjoy my blog.